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Standard or Dimmable

LED R7 replacement bulbs are available in both standard and dimmable forms, but there challenges.

Bulky Format

The R7 Halogen is a slender, tubular, 118mm glass bulb, but the LED equivalent is significantly bulky.   Naturally the length is is the same, but the width can vary upwards from 44mm, and they also have significant height.

Check Clearances

This can present problems with fitting into the reflectors of both flood lights and up lighters.  Have a look at the light fitting first to measure clearances and check against product dimensions.

No Downward Light

A further problem arises with 'father and child' or 'mother and baby' lights.  These are the ones with a combined up lighter and a separate reading light (see G4).  Some up lighter sections are fine (but watch the dimensions), but others have a 'window' under the bulb that allows light to fall.  R7 LED replacement bulbs don't normally give light out underneath, and so there is no down light component.

R7 Halogen Bulbs
Lumens Output
R7 LED Equivalent*
N/A 680 8W
N/A 910 10W
100W 1900 N/A#
150W 3000 N/A#
200W 4480

# R7 LED Bulbs are available up to 1360 lumens in 189mm length formats